Jasper van den Herik

Philosopher of Language and Mind
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This website is home to my publications and theses.

In May 2021 I stopped working as an academic philosopher. There are some papers still forthcoming.

I'm interested in language as something we do. From an embodied perspective, I investigate different aspects of human cognition related to our linguistic capacities, such as linguistic knowledge, normativity, the reflexivity of language, and the origins of representations. My work contributes to an open dialogue between the philosophy of embodied cognition and recent developments in the cognitive (neuro)sciences and linguistics.

photograph of Jasper talking about philosophy


Peer-reviewed journal papers

  1. The Reflexive Roots of Reference Language Sciences (2021) open access
  2. Metalinguistic exchanges in child language development Language Sciences (2021) first author: Talbot Taylor open access
  3. Embodying mental affordances Inquiry (2021) with Jelle Bruineberg [both authors contributed equally] open access
  4. Reflective Situated Normativity Philosophical Studies (2021) with Erik Rietveld open access
  5. A twofold tale of one mind. Revisiting REC's multi-storey story (2020) Synthese with Erik Myin [both authors contributed equally]. open access
  6. Rules as Resources: An Ecological-Enactive Perspective on Linguistic Normativity (2020) Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences open access
  7. Attentional Actions: An Ecological-Enactive Account of Utterances of Concrete Words (2018) Psychology of Language and Communication open access
  8. Linguistic know-how and the orders of language (2017) Language Sciences penultimate .pdf
  9. Is Information Out There? (2013) ESJP open access

Other publications